About DiverseCity

DiverseCity launched in 2008 to change the face of leadership in the Greater Toronto Region. Maytree and the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance knew that a more diverse leadership was required to create a stronger and more prosperous city region.

Together, we initiated an annual research report to map and track the levels of diversity in leadership. The first annual report established the benchmark for our city. In 2009, only 13% of the city region’s leadership were visible minorities vs. 49.5% of the population studied. To address this gap, we  created a series of action-oriented leadership development initiatives enabling hundreds of new leaders to emerge across the public, corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Learn about project outcomes here.

DiverseCity goals:

  • Expand networks
  • Strengthen private and public institutions
  • Advance knowledge on the role of diversity in leadership
  • Track progress

Benefits of diverse leadership:

  • Improved organizational and financial performance
  • Access to new global and domestic markets
  • Ability to attract top talent from here and abroad
  • Enhanced innovation and social cohesion