Building Blocks – Create possibility where you live

Imagining what’s possible in a community requires an understanding of how change happens.

Building Blocks offered a civic literacy primer – how government makes decisions and how to impact those decisions – in communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

Read about the journey to Building Blocks on the DiverseCity blog.

Our partners – Building Blocks was delivered in partnership with organizations that stretch beyond serving needs to involving residents in finding solutions to the challenges they face where they live. Each organization identified a leader and Building Blocks trained them to, in turn, train hundreds of others.

Our leaders – Program leaders were a diverse group committed to engaging residents in finding solutions to local challenges. Each leader brought a wealth of experience, a passion for action and embraces all forms of diversity as a value.

Program participants together identified what is possible:

  • In their neighbourhood
  • How government works
  • Role of business, non-profits, residents and government

As a group, they figured out how to get what they want:

  • Identify levers of power
  • How to work with government
  • Build partnerships: business and non-profits, residents and government


Building Blocks is in part funded by