What is the Fellows program?

DiverseCity Fellows is a one-year action-oriented leadership development program for rising city-builders*. The program is designed to support city-builders who are deeply committed to enhancing their leadership abilities and practicing collective leadership to address issues that are critical to the future health and wealth of the Toronto region.

DiverseCity Fellows was launched in January 2009 and has now engaged 79 participants in the first three years of the program.

* The Fellows program thinks of city-builders as individuals who spend their days working in a range of fields but are committed to using their talent, time and resources to helping make the Toronto region better.

Core Goals

DiverseCity Fellows aims to diversify city-building leadership in the Toronto region and to achieve the following goals:

Advancing Knowledge
  • Build a shared fact base and connecting narratives on key issues facing the Toronto region, including the importance of diversity in leadership
  • Identify opportunities for action
Strengthening Institutions
  • Enhance leadership competencies that contribute to making positive change in the city-region
  • Provide a platform for collaborative and cross-sectoral city-building
Expanding Networks
  • Establish new relationships and networks among a wide spectrum of leaders

The DiverseCity Fellows program is inspired by a model of collective city-building leadership that brings all parts of civil society to the table to share perspectives and develop actions to strengthen our city-region.