Frequently asked questions about joining DiverseCity onBoard

1. What is the purpose of the DiverseCity onBoard program?

The initiative works to ensure that the governance bodies of public agencies, boards and commissions as well as voluntary organizations reflect the diversity of people who live and work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

2. Am I eligible to apply to the program?

You are eligible to apply to DiverseCity onBoard if you are one of the following:

  • An Aboriginal person
  • A member of a visible minority group
  • An immigrant from a group that is under-represented on governance bodies

3. What is the application process?

It’s easy. Just complete our on-line form, upload your resumé and wait for our staff to contact you to arrange a personal interview. After the interview you may be asked to complete an online governance training program. If approved, you will then become a member of our roster and your profile will become part of our searchable database.

4. What services can I expect from DiverseCity onBoard?

Joining our roster will:

  • Allow organizations seeking board members to view your profile and to contact you directly via our website
  • Let you know about opportunities, news, resources and other developments
  • Offer you the opportunity to attend Maytree’s training courses, seminars and events
  • Give you the chance to network with other candidates and share information, ideas and experiences
  • Where possible, our staff will follow up and support your applications to ensure they are given full consideration by the board in question; we will also try to answer any questions you have

This program does not:

  • Offer in-depth support or advice on how to get appointed
  • Fill out your application forms, help you write your resume or edit your applications
  • Find vacancies on your behalf

5. Can you guarantee me an appointment?

Ultimately boards will select candidates according to their needs. The program cannot guarantee that you will be offered an appointment.

6. What’s the advantage to applying as a member of the DiverseCity onBoard roster?

The DiverseCity onBoard program develops relationships with many agencies, boards, commissions, and non-profit organizations.

We also know that many organizations across the GTA are looking to bring greater diversity to their boards – for them, this program is an excellent place to start looking. Joining DiverseCity onBoard helps you stand out from the crowd.

7. Will you be recommending me personally to the boards I want to serve on?

Occasionally we do, but only if a board is looking for a particular set of skills or experience. For the most part, our website should provide boards and candidates the information they need to get in touch.

8. I am a member of the roster and have found a board position I am interested in. What are the next steps?

It is your responsibility to enquire with the board about the application process and to submit your application to the board – you should be able to find all information you need from our website.

Please forward a copy of your application to the DiverseCity onBoard staff at so that we can keep track of it and follow up.

9. Will you provide me with a reference?

No. It is your responsibility to supply appropriate references in support of your applications. It is important that these references can speak to the strengths and expertise that you will bring to a board.

10. I’m interested in serving on a board – what do I need to know about the board and the organization it governs?

Before pursuing a board position, please consider the following:

  • What exactly is my responsibility in being a member of the board, legal and otherwise?
  • What are the size, scope and mission of the organization governed by the board?
  • Do my experience and background match what the organization needs?
  • When, where and for how long does the board meet?
  • How long will it take to prepare for board meetings?
  • Does the organization have directors’ insurance?
  • How long is my term on the board?
  • Will I be reimbursed expenses?

For more information, contact