DiverseCity Voices

Media can be a powerful platform for leaders to share their perspectives and influence. All too often, access to media is limited to a small group of regular pundits, ruling out opportunities for other leaders to emerge and for audiences to receive a breadth and depth of ideas and opinions.

DiverseCity Voices set out to change this. DiverseCity Voices aims to enrich the quality of print, radio and television news in the GTA. We identify diverse spokespeople across a variety of subject areas and connect them with journalists looking for sources.

Do you have something to say?

If you are a subject matter expert from an under-represented ethnic or racial group, you can apply to be a DiverseCity Voices Candidates.

  • Build your profile
  • Get your message out
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Benefit from media training and networking events
  • Become a member of the Maytree Leadership Network

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Are you a journalist looking to diversify your sources?

Sign on for a free media account to:

  • Go beyond the ‘same old’ sources
  • Simplify your research
  • Engage new and more diverse audiences
  • Receive a monthly e-bulletin highlighting spokespeople on current issues and events

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Contact: voices@diversecitytoronto.ca