Welcome to the new DiverseCity onBoard program

DC onboard

DiverseCity onBoard is changing.

​First, ​we are now part of the new Global Diversity Exchange. Second, we are now housed at the Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute at Ryerson University, Toronto. And third, we’re enhancing the program in tune with its wider footprint.

You will notice immediately the big change:

  • A new website that links ​the ​program​ to cities​ across Ontario and Canada. You can visit it now.

With the new website will come some other changes that we will introduce over the next few weeks:

  • An enhanced ​board matching ​database
  • New online governance training courses
  • The adoption of a social ent​​erprise model

For current users

As an individual, you still have access to your profile to look for available board opportunities. Sign in here.

As an organization, you can still ​post ​board opportunities and look for candidates. Sign in here.

For new users

​Applications to our new program will be accepted effective April 6. In the meantime please sign-up to the newsletter to stay informed.

Diversity in Governance Awards

Looking for the Diversity in Governance Awards section? Read about the winners here.

If you have any further question​s​, please contact us at info@diversecityonboard.ca.