The 8 Initiatives


Over the next three years we will work to change the face of leadership through eight practical and measurable initiatives.

We will:

Expand our networks

1. DiverseCity Nexus: delivers a salon-style speakers series
2. DiverseCity Fellows: builds connections and fellowship for rising leaders

Strengthen our institutions

3. DiverseCity onBoard: matches diverse candidates with governance positions
4. DiverseCity in Civic Leadership: equips new leaders to run for office and run campaigns
5. DiverseCity Voices: connects subject-matter experts with media

Advance our knowledge

6. DiverseCity Advantage: builds a research base on the benefits of diverse leadership
7. DiverseCity Perspectives: delivers forums for discussion on relevant issues

Track our progress

8. DiverseCity Counts: tracks the progress of the GTA in diversifying its leadership